We provide a full range of architectural services from initial design layouts through to completion. We like to work closely with our clients – we do not use standard solutions. Most of our projects break down into identifiable stages. All stages start with a free consultation in order to assess your requirements. This allows us to tailor services to your specific needs and provide you with an accurate fee quotation.


We will undertake a survey of your whole property or of the particular area we are working on. We use a laser to provide an accurate record of the existing property. This is then put into our cad programme to provide an accurate basis for the following stages.


This is the broad brush thinking stage in which we start to help you develop a brief, which underpins our creative process. It shouldn’t be restrained by what may or may not be allowable, affordable or buildable. For us, this is a chance to bring experience and creativity to the table. Ideas are sketched out, questions answered and possibilities explored.

We always try to work up a number of design options, to ensure the ‘best fit’ for your budget and aspirations. After sitting down and discussing these ideas, we draw up a scheme that integrates feedback on the design and budget.


Scheme design
This is where accuracy is increased. Once the design strategy and budget is agreed, a more detailed proposal is drawn up based on accurate survey information. If required, the planning application is submitted to the local authority and we research the planning history and agree tactics on how to get the best out of the planning system.


Detail Design
Any project involves a myriad of detail that needs to be addressed. Whether it is building regulations or construction details, it is important to decide how much you are going to define with detail drawings. Balance the cost of working the details out in advance against the need to control what your builder is going to build. Anything not defined exactly will be left for him to make up as he goes along.

It may be a requirement to appoint other parties such as Structural Engineers and Party Wall Surveyors at this stage.


This stage is often fun for the client. We start by looking at the materiality of the scheme. Some clients will have strong ideas already regarding particular fittings and finishes, and some prefer us to make suggestions. We give technical advice on how different materials can be integrated with different structures and services such as underfloor heating.

The choice of materials make a vast difference to the finish and cost of a project. If simple, this information can be added as notes to the drawings, but more often it is contained in an outline schedule of works or even a full specification document.


Once a price has been agreed, we set up a standard form of building contract between the client and the builder. We then work with the builder to ensure that the quality of the construction meets the required specification.

We take particular care when dealing with the day to day site issues to maintain the project’s design vision. This often involves continuing close consultations with the client.